Academic Calendars for Scheduled Studying

If you can’t keep up with the changes in the schedule of your studies, this page with academic calendars will help you be on top of your diary. Here you can find information about exam dates, holidays, application deadlines and many other significant appointments. The database with academic calendars of the top USA universities is permanently updated. We care that students find all the vital information on time.

Our site uploads the newest info about the changes in calendars every day. We guarantee that you won’t miss any significant dates if you check out the schedule regularly. Keep up with your studies here. It is the most reliable site where you can trace the timetable of your classes.

Whenever you need to find out when the semester starts or ends, just select the year, month, and the university where you study. The detailed academic schedule will be on your screen with one click. Moreover, all the previous plans are saved in the database. If you need the info about the previous seminars, just click on the past calendars.

The academic calendars of the most popular US universities may be very useful for potential students. If you are hesitating which higher educational institution to enter, just check out the application time. You will see whether any of the universities offer the same entrance exams or interview dates. If the time coincides, you will have to decide which institution is better for you.

Use academic calendars for planning your holidays. National weekends, religious days, season holidays are included in the schedule. Get the timetable of your university and find out the non-work days. This information is usually decided for one academic year in advance. That is why you can easily plan your trips or cozy weekends beforehand. If there are changes, you will be the first to find out about them.

Convenience and constant update are our main advantages. You can browse through the plans of studies and sort them by the university, month, semester, holidays time. The structure of each schedule is very easy to understand. In addition, all the information is permanently synchronized with the official sites of each university.

You will never miss an important date for your studying with our academic calendars!

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