Seriously writing an engaging cover letter is a very arduous task yet very important. It is a type of writing that we were definitely not taught in our school or college life. It is quite depressing to think about that we spent a great part of our life in school and college but we were never informed of one of the basic and important aspects of career hunting, that is, how to write engaging cover letters. Well, what is done is done. But now that you know its importance it is imperative for you to learn how to start a cover letter to impress the employer and secure a prestigious job.

A cover letter is usually a part of the job application process which is sent along with your resume. Remember that a resume’s job is to tell the employer about your qualification and the experience that you have accumulated over the years. However, a cover letter introduces you to the employer of a company in person and tells him/her what you have learned from your work experiences. In a manner of speaking, this letter is your first impression. And you should know that first impression is the last impression.

  • Once you understand the basics of writing this letter, you will definitely not take too long to write a compelling job cover letter. Remember that while writing an impressive letter your main focus should be on securing an interview with the employer of the company which you are applying to. You should put whatever you can before the employer to grab his attention and maintain it throughout the cover letter.

Grabbing and keeping the interest of the employer is only possible if you make the best use of your cover letter’s introduction. Try to assume yourself as a product and assume your letter as a sales pitch. Now you have to make your sales pitch compelling enough to convince the employer to set up an interview.

  • Again, it is important that the opening of the letter must captivate the employer. The subsequent paragraph of the cover letter should explain the employer why the candidate is perfect for this job.

In this paragraph you must relate your professional skills and work experience to the job. It is also suggested that you should include a little information about the company where you are applying to show the employer that you have done your side of research on the company. Also throw in few lines about your interest.

In the last paragraph mention your contact details such as email address and contact number.

  • Wrap up the cover letter with a compelling post-script. Here you will need to sum up your letter, restate the position which you are applying for and request the employer for an interview.

Keep in mind that a cover letter is a professional letter so make sure that it is immaculate, that is, error-free. And if you submit a cover letter with full of mistakes the employer will assume you as carefree which will detriment your chances of making to the interview.