Sometimes writing a cover letter can be quite a difficult and demanding task. However it is a very important task that one needs to execute properly in order to land on his/her dream job. Many people often don’t understand the meaning and the importance of a cover letter. Certainly, a cover letter is totally different from a resume in that a resume only demonstrates your credentials, work experience and your job responsibilities.

While a cover letters gives you a perfect opportunity to tell the employer what you have learned from your previous work experiences. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual to learn how to write a cover letter.

A cover letter is usually sent along with your resume at the time of submitting a job application to any company. The formal message contained in the cover letter should demonstrate that the candidate has potential to carry out his job in an effective manner. The letter should explain your qualifications briefly and it should simply make them realize that the candidate is truly interested in the concerned job.

It is also safe to say that a cover letter is quite similar to a personal statement where you tell the readers why you are a perfect fit with their degree program. But in a cover letter you need to convince the employer why you are a suitable candidate for the job.

Certainly, writing a cover letter is not a rocket science but it can surely create a lot of problems for those people who are not aware of how to write a compelling cover letter. Remember that when a potential recruiter goes through hundreds of job applications, the cover letter is the only thing that can grab his/her attention.

Following are some “Do’s and Don’ts” which you must be aware of while writing an engaging cover letter.

Do’s Of a Cover Letter

  • You should always check out the company’s website to understand a little about their operations and work ethics.
  • Go through every page of the website and also check out the details regarding the job.
  • It is very important for the candidate to respond to the job advertisement and its requirement.
  • Use the introductory paragraph of the cover letter to market your qualifications.
  • Demonstrate the employer what makes you a good contribution to their company.
  • Write the cover letter on a clean page using a word processor and always send the original copy of the letter.
  • Always use simple and clear-cut sentence structure.
  • Don’ts Of a Cover Letter
  • Don’t turn in your resume without an engaging cover letter
  • Don’t address the cover letter to the manager or any other general recipient.
  • Don’t send a cover letter without proofreading it. Mae sure your letter is free from any punctuation, grammar or spelling errors.
  • Don’t send a standard cover letter to numerous employers. Always make sure that the letter is customized according to job specification.
  • Don’t mention any unnecessary details in the cover letter.