In doing this both Judge Achievable and Coachman would et kickbacks from PA Child Care, they received millions in kickbacks. Robert J. Powell is the man that built the PA Child Care and provided the kickbacks to the two Judges. Powell paid the two Judges in many ways some of which were renting a condominium in Florida for a total of 1. 8 million dollars and big checks to a fake company in the condo in the Judges Wives names.

From 2003 to 2008 Judge Achievable sent these children and teens to the PA Child Care facility under the guise of his Zero Tolerance policy. Most of the children sent in front of Judge Achievable and sent to PA Child Care are plagued with many issues, among them depression, Anxiety, and separation disorders. The Children that come out of PA Child Care are not the same and often have many problems after being free often system. Many children like Charlie are repeat criminals well into their adult years.

Charlie was charged with a felony, possession of stolen property, and while going through the system resorted to using drugs to cope with his problems and later after the felony case was dealt with he went on to commit more crimes as an adult that landed him in jail till 2010. Some of the reoccurring problems in all of the hillier is that they lost their friends, child hood, and end up not doing as well in school. Among these children were honor roll or A students, students that played sports and had college scholarships ahead of them, and students that were about to be in college and make something of themselves.

All of this went down the drain or they had to work even harder to get what they wanted to achieve. Like for some that wanted to get a job or go to college, they now have to work their way through college or explain why they have a record to an employer. These children and teens could have had a bright true but it was taken by Judge Achievable. Many things could have been different in thousands of people's lives if Jude Achievable and Coachman did not meet Powell and create this scheme.

Judge Achievable may have been an honest man and used his many policies for the better rather than for the evil that has been caused by the kids-for-cash scheme. His Zero Tolerance Policy would have been used for the right cases and gotten the actual juvenile delinquents off the streets instead of worrying about the rate of juveniles going into PA Child Care. Another big preventing his happening would have been Judge Achievable and Coachman not being the judge to begin with.