NOTE 2 It is recommended that authorities who wish to incorporate any part of this standard into any legislation in the manner intended by section 31 of the Act consult the SABA regarding the implication This standard will be revised when necessary in order to keep abreast Of progress.

Comment will be welcome and will be considered when the standard is revised. PREFACE This standard covers the production of building construction drawings in which information is communicated accurately and clearly, and with cocoon f means. For this purpose the selection of a co-ordinates drawing system rather than the continued use of traditional methods is most important. The standard is intended as a basis for the instruction of architectural, engineering, and building students, and it is suggested that educational and technical centers make extensive use of the standard.

To ensure correlation and co-ordination, all drawings relating to a building should be prepared in accordance with this standard. Drawings so prepared will include the work of the architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanic engineering professions and Of the industries associated with building. The procedures should not, however, be considered mandatory, but more as a guide to normal practice. Particular attention is drawn to the " Plan of Work" given in Appendix B.